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Facebook Ads in 2020 | Beginner to EXPERT Part 2

It's actually not thinking about the Facebook pixel as an identifier right and so have you ever kind of been browsing on the internet you've seen you know let's say you're looking at some camping equipment like a Shopify website or which is you know you're just kind of cruising through the cruisin through the web and then you come.
 Facebook and you've seen an ad for what you were just looking at you're kind of thinking yourself okay how the heck is that happening how does Facebook how could they possibly know that I was just browsing that web site the way that they know is called be Facebook pixel so it's basically a piece of code that you get from your Facebook ad account. 
that you put you know in the background of your website and then whenever somebody visit is your website if they are a Facebook user Facebook will say hey you know Kevin from Oregon visited your website you know this is what we know about him right so if you want to retarget Kevin on…

How to Start Facebook Ads

Hey, guys welcome to earnonlinehub today we're going to be going through Facebook Ads literally everything you need to know to get set up start running them learn about creatives targeting the whole lot this is the most valuable Facebook Ads video.

5 Reasons Your Facebook Ads Aren't Converting & How to Improve Them

We have ever made for our website but before we get into the video make sure you are subscribed with your notification belt turned on and let's get started with it okay.

now first of all this video is for everyone whether you're an agency owner running ads on behalf of clients or whether you're a business owner running ads for yourself this is going to help you create your first-ever ad get yourself set up.

Learn about targeting learn about creatives learn about all the stuff that we use in my personal agency the affluent agency to generate millions in revenue for our clients all over the world every single year now whatever you're doing right now

 I want you to close all your tabs put your phone away from getting your notepad out and write this stuff down because this is a heavy video there's so much for you to learn and I'm not holding anything backI'm literally giving you it all in this video it's pure actionable value and in fact, we're going to waste no more time

 Let's jump straight into the presentation right now okay so we're gonna dive straight in with this training no fluff whatsoever

I want to make sure there is as much actionable valuable advice as possible in this video so we're gonna cram loads in I'm gonna be talking at a thousand miles an hour because

 I do anyway if I am speaking too fast for you please do watch me on a different playback speed or watch this video back again because

 I don't want this to be hours and hours long so Facebook advertise I'm gonna start off with some key stats on Facebook advertising it is without a doubt the most lucrative advertising platform in the world right now on the right-hand side this is an example of a Facebook advert from a company called hello fresh

They are a meal prep company this is what's called a carousel ad and it what that basically means is an ad which has multiple images and they're trying to get people to enroll into their meal prep so that's just an example of a Facebook at work right now 80% of the internet use Facebook 80% of everybody in the world who used.

TheInternet uses Facebook which is huge 93% of marketers digital marketers use Facebook as an advertising platform if you have business or an agency and you are not advertising on Facebook you are literally leaving thousand a pound on the table there are 1.9 billion people that you can potentially reach

 Facebook advertising now the average CPC for Facebook CPC is cost-per-click that's how much it costs for you to get somebody to click and visit your website from an advert that's 80 cents globally80 cents to get one of your potential customers or your client's potential customers to visit their website or your website right and the CPM the cost preaching 1000 impressions on global.

Averages is $5 to reach 1,000 people in a targeted audience which is absolutely insane I mean that can be as low as 20cents in some places and it does depend on demand it depends on the country it depends on the industry some industries cost a lot more than others because there's much more demand for advertising in those individual industries so that' sum just key stats.

Facebook advertising right here now the other thing you need to understand is how Facebook Ads manager business manages all these things that you may have heard before how this is actually structured how does.

 Facebook advertisement platform at work before we go on to it now there is a structure okay right at the top we have the Facebook business manager then we have Facebook's ad manager

Then we have an ad account then we have ad campaigns we have an ad set to me ever ABB'swe're gonna be just running through all of these right now for you so you have an understanding before we go on the actual platform itself because you need to know what it is you're doing it's all well and good me saying click here click here click here but if you don't understand

Why you're clicking now in the first place this is useless information so business manager this is where we're going to create an account first of all this is where you manage your agency's advertising account so if you were a marketing agency

Owner and you are advertising for multiple clients or you're looking to advertise for multiple clients everybody has a business manager but this is basically the management of your agency this is the umbrella over everything you do within

The Facebook advertisement then we have ad manager and this is the host of your ad account and where you manage them you have an ad account for every single client so an ad account is essentially where you manage all of your ads for your clients or for your businesses

If you have multiple businesses and you only have one ad account per client because you want to make sure that that stays really really need you don't want to be messing about with multiple clients on one ad account because if you become a logistical nightmare trust me you don't want to do that and then we have ad campaigns so this is actually these last free up all within the ad structure

Tadframework itself so we have ad campaigns which are the type of advert you're actually running so this could be a traffic ad which is driving traffic from Facebook to a website or an external link then or we could have engagementadvert which is an advert go into an image or a video trying

To get lodged comments shares whatever that maybe we then have the ad set and that is what audience were actually targeting with our ad and then finally we have itself so 
Next, now I'm not going to do that right now because I cannot well I can.

I don't want to create another ad account because I've already done one so let's just go next is it gonna let me, okay no it's not gonna let me okay so what would happen when you click Freight account you go next and you would then be asked to put in your website URL

Now with the website URL either paste your agency website or your business website if you have one if you don't have one paste your Facebook profile URL that'll be absolutely fine once you've done that you are literally going to be brought through to the business manager, okay and it's gonna bring you through.

I'll bring up the home page of the business manager let's go on this it's gonna bring you through to this screenokay so you have your business manager dashboard and I'm just gonna run you through quickly how to actually set up your business manager for the first time

If you have never done this before now you'll notice there are pop-up everywhere okay you can be guided through the process through Facebook

Facebook has built-in training Korda Facebook blueprint really really great training you can click this button in the bottom left corner here Help Center you can go through the guided Facebook process but I'm gonna shortcut it for you get rid of the fluff and so what you want to do first of all is you want to go over to your business settings

On the left-hand side so we have our navigation bar on the left-hand side this is where we select where we want to go to and then we have whatever it is that we're working on at the time in at the middle here so let's go over to business

Settings this is the settings for your business manager now a few things that you need to do when you're first setting up your account, okay the first thing you want to do is make sure you are actually added to the account so you want to make sure that your name is here you want to make sure that you have admin access and

If you don't if you need extra people to inhere let's say you need team members this is where you can click add and you can add them in you can give them employee access or even full admin access all you need to do is enter

Facebook email address and click Next and it's going to add them into your business manager you can have multiple people using your business manager let's say you've got somebody running your ads for you or you have a marketing manager you need to add in here or somebody who just wants to oversee this you've got a business partner

Whatever you can add them in here we only have partners so if you're working with a marketing agency or you are partnered up with another marketing agency you can add another business manager account to partner up with you and they'll be able to access your business manager

We didn't have pages now this is really important you need to add a page to your business manager so if you're an agency owner add your bit agency Facebook business

Page this is really really important so click add and click add a page okay that's what you need to do and if you're a business owner you need to click add and click add a page type in at the page and add it to here okay you need to have a page associated with your business manager run in a second

We didn't go on an account now, of course, you need to create an ad account so whether your agency own or whatever this is where you're going to be creating ad accounts for your clients you can create an ad account for yourself if you're running adverts for yourself

So you click the ad and you're gonna click add an ad account now at the moment we already have an ad account under here and we're only allowed to have one ad account on here

I'm gonna talk through that in a second but you want to click add an ad account and you and they'll be able to create your first ad account if you are working with a client and you want to gain access to their ad account

They're already running ads then click request access to an account and you'll be able to request access to somebody else's ad account they'll be able to give you this number here in ID and you'll be able to paste it into here and you can then gain access to somebody else's ad account so you don't always have to create the ad account yourself

If you're working with somebody who's already running ads you can gain access to this but when you' restarting off you always need to create your own ones and make sure you add about account yourself right and what else have we got which is really important for me to show you without going into absolutely everything here.

No right what we're gonna do is are gonna go in business info okay now this is odd info for your business now when you first start out you are not gonna have a primary page you will not have this and instead there will be a button which will say add a primary page this is worth basically asking you what is the page.

Business page which is associated with your business manager account make sure you select the relevant page here because you need this to be able to start running ads now one other thing to highlight on here I mean you can add your address your website and all of that stuff but one main thing to highlight here is the ad creation limit when you make a new business manager account you'll be limited to one ad account per business 


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