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Bluehost One Of The Best WordPress Hosting In Depth Review

Shared HostingWhen you’re just getting started, it’s a good idea to prioritize finding a dependable web host that charges low prices. That’s why shared hosting is often the best fit for hosting beginners.With shared hosting from Bluehost, you can choose from among three plans:CLICK HERE FOR AFFILIATE LINKStarter: Beginning at $3.49 monthlyPlus: Beginning at $10.49 monthlyBusiness Pro: Beginning at $23.99 monthlyAll plans feature unlimited bandwidth. As you upgrade within shared hosting, you get more storage and the ability to host more domains and sites, as well as the ability to create more email addresses.While shared hosting is great for starters, your site is actually sharing a server with others. This can lead to shifting load times and performance, and shared hosting is typically insufficient for sites with high traffic.
CLICK HERE FOR AFFILIATE LINK VPS HostingVPS stands for “virtual private server,” and VPS hosting from Bluehost is a great way to get high performance for your we…

Facebook Ads in 2020 | Beginner to EXPERT Part 2

It's actually not thinking about the Facebook pixel as an identifier right and so have you ever kind of been browsing on the internet you've seen you know let's say you're looking at some camping equipment like a Shopify website or which is you know you're just kind of cruising through the cruisin through the web and then you come.

 Facebook and you've seen an ad for what you were just looking at you're kind of thinking yourself okay how the heck is that happening how does Facebook how could they possibly know that I was just browsing that web site the way that they know is called be Facebook pixel so it's basically a piece of code that you get from your Facebook ad account. 

that you put you know in the background of your website and then whenever somebody visit is your website if they are a Facebook user Facebook will say hey you know Kevin from Oregon visited your website you know this is what we know about him right so if you want to retarget Kevin on Facebook using Facebook Ads we know that he's visited your website. 

so why not retargeting because you know any advertiser who knows anything knows that retargeting is where the magic happensretargeting is where you actually start to make the money right and so it's not anything fancy but using Facebook pixels is absolutely pivotal to mastering Facebook Ads who do not ignore it right and we will talk about a little bit more of advanced features which is called events right so with the Facebook.

The pixel you have what's called event codes so let's say that you have a Shopify website or some type of e-commerce website you'd put event codes on certain pages when you want it to signify an event occurring 

I know that sounds complicated but it's not just thinking about it like this so if somebody visits your website they're viewing your content right no other actions have been taken so the view content event fires right so that that that says to the Facebook pixel hey this person has viewed content right and then you also add write an add to cart' event so then you know if this person also viewed content.

they also add it to cart so you can start to target people even closer right and then let's say you have a hundred people who fired the purchase event pixel right then all of a sudden you have a hundred people.

who have purchased and then from those hundred people you can create a look-alike audience or a conversion campaign right targeting people who share similarities and traits with the people who purchased your product so it starts to get really exciting.

I think you guys are probably starting to understand how you can kind of you know use this magic and art in a very you know thought-out eloquent way to retarget people in a very succinct way where you're not wasting money on cold traffic right you're retargeting people you know are interested and then you're creating custom and look-alike audiences based on that data right so let's kick it off so this is one of my ad accounts right.

Facebook has the annoying habit of shutting people's ad accounts down for basically no reason soI always create multiple backups so you'll see a number of different names my accounts right because I have a ton and over the years.

I've gotten a ton shut down and I've been lucky and thankful to have backups so one thing I want to talk about really quick before we get started I use what's called business manager so the business manager is basically just a slightly more advanced version.

Facebook Ads Manager so that's why you guys are gonna see it like this it's in the actual one of my business names so the Facebook business manager is important for a couple of reasons so if you have multiple Facebook pages you don't want to have to navigate through you know 20 different ad account pages you want them all kind of in one succinct place and you also want to be able to add access so let's say you want to hire somebody to help you.

Facebook Ads or you know refine your campaigns or build out some new campaigns for you in different countries or whatever the case maybe it's much easier to add somebody in Facebook business manager then it is in the normal advert account.

I always recommend anybody who's serious about Facebook Ads to kind of sign up for the business manager and it's very easy you just go to business Facebook comm create an account and I'm not gonna walk you this through that because you know you can do it by yourself so I am using the business manager and so we're gonna take a look at a number of the different campaigns I'm later on and I'll show you guys exactly kind.

I was targeting things all right we can talk about how to see you know how to look at website purchases website conversions you know and all of these different metrics right how to actually organize the columns themselves to see you know what you're trying to focus on whether you're trying to you know collect emails through leads whether you're trying to optimize for purchases based on that Facebook event pixel right and so it's quite easy once you know or you know you've seen somebody set it up before. 

I usually just am actually you know optimizing for website purchases or website conversions you know depending on what your campaign is you can do a different thing but knowing how to set up your columns is very important on interpreting the data so the last thing I want to talk about really quickly before we actually jump into the actual creation of an ad is the audience section right so from a business manager you just come over to audiences.

Thank You!!! 


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