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Facebook Ads in 2020 | Beginner to EXPERT Part 2

It's actually not thinking about the Facebook pixel as an identifier right and so have you ever kind of been browsing on the internet you've seen you know let's say you're looking at some camping equipment like a Shopify website or which is you know you're just kind of cruising through the cruisin through the web and then you come.
 Facebook and you've seen an ad for what you were just looking at you're kind of thinking yourself okay how the heck is that happening how does Facebook how could they possibly know that I was just browsing that web site the way that they know is called be Facebook pixel so it's basically a piece of code that you get from your Facebook ad account. 
that you put you know in the background of your website and then whenever somebody visit is your website if they are a Facebook user Facebook will say hey you know Kevin from Oregon visited your website you know this is what we know about him right so if you want to retarget Kevin on…

Facebook Ads 2020 | Beginner to EXPERT Part1

What are up guys welcome to earnonlinehub with that lifestyle ninja and I want to make a Very bold claim today I want to make the claim that I am 100% sure that if you Understand every single portion of this video Over the next hour that you could open a Facebook ad agency tomorrow so make sure That you understand right don't memorize understand every single portion of this Video and you can go from someone who knows absolutely nothing about.

5 Reasons Your Facebook Ads Aren't Converting & How to Improve Them

Facebook advertising to a Facebook Ads expert alright guys this is going to be a very exciting one for those of you who follow my channel the one thing that I know as well as Amazon FBA is definitely Facebooked Ads I've been around since the beginning.

Definitely remember like when they brought out all their new features right when they started doing Instagram power editor and everything right so you guys are gonna learn from all of my mistakes we're gonna go over every single thing you need to basically master Facebook Ads from beginning to end so sit tight this is gonna be a good one we are also going to reveal exactly.

I turned 262 dollars into over seven thousand dollars profit in one day so stay tuned until the end that is going to be a good one so let's talk about the basics really quick for those of you who know FacebookAds you can skip a few minutes ahead if you want but these are important things that everybody kind of needs to understand so that they can really have you know infrastructure to build into the more advanced thing.

Complete guide to : The do's and don'ts of Facebook Ads

Facebook you build ad campaigns in three levels you start at the campaign level right this is where you can actually have multiple ad sets and each ad set has multiple ads right so a campaign is a kind of the highest level within the campaigns you have ad sets right.

Adsense is where you actually do your detailed targeting this is where you know your target and say okay only show my Facebook ad to somebody who likes tony robbins page and also likes you know Gary Vaynerchuk or you know whatever you're targeting whether you' retargeting entrepreneurship or maybe you're looking at cats right and you'reusing audience insights which we will talk about to actually you know hoedown on getting the most targeted audience.

Where you are going to get the most sales right and then you have the ad is kind of the lowest level it's what the customers on Facebook actually see this is where you have your copy you know you say today only like it claim your 50% off coupon for this amazing basketball or whatever it is you're selling right so those are kind of the three overarching tiers.

Facebook ads let's talk about a little bit of Facebook vocabulary because two people who have never done this before custom audiences look-alikes they can be kind of overwhelming but really when you understand it it's not that bad so custom audiences you can make from pretty much anything right you can say you know make me a custom audience everyone who's viewed my order page but has not viewed my thank-you page make a custom audience of everyone who's visited my website right and if you guys aren't familiar with Facebook Ads.

You're kind of thinking yourself how do you know who's visited my website and that's a great question and the answer to that is using the Facebook pixel which we will talk about in just a few minutes the Facebook pixel is where the magic happens it allows you to retarget right and don't worry if you're confused now I will explain every single part of that so custom audiences are incredibly important you can import an email list right.

Let's say you had a hundred people who signed up to your email list you can create what's called a custom audience from that email list and I'll say Facebook will say okay hey we have a hundred people in this list and Facebook has an unbelievable amount of data let me just repeat that so you guys understand the unimaginable amount of data so when you give.

Facebook someone's email they're saying ok this is this person we have 200 different data points on this person make me a custom audience of everyone who is similar to this person's email right and so when you import a customer email file or whatever the case may be Facebook says ok these people share all of these common attributes let's make a custom.

The audience of those people right and so custom audiences are incredibly important we will talk about it more I just want to kind of introducing it so you guys kind of can get a feel lookalike audience are really where Facebook Facebook's algorithms and data stores start to shine.

So look-alike audiences you can create you know let's say you have somebody who likes your page let's say you create a Facebook fan page for our amazing you know cat jewelry or if entrepreneur and people are liking your own page right once you have enough people who like your page you can create what's called a lookalike audience of those people who like your page.

Let's say I have a thousand people who like my page you need a hundred at least from a country to create and what's called a lookalike audience but the more people you have the more accurate Facebook is able to create that audience.

I have a hundred people who like my page all from the USA facebook kind of look at them and say okay 90 of them are males right 90 of them are between the ages of 19 and 24 90 of them you know have this amount of money in this amount of education so they take all of these different data variable points about these people who like your page and they say hey okay well there's this amount of people in the USA and you know they give you two million people back who share as many data point attributes as possible with the people lets continue further in next part.

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